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Sotek/Belrix Industries Inc
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Target Markets

dph_0107Sotek Incorporated and Belrix Industries were founded in 1984 and 1987 respectively as companies to support the large motor and generator industries. We have evolved into a single company that is fully integrated in the manufacture of components which are shown in this website. All new tooling that is used in the production of our products is designed and built on site.  dph_0003We have successfully targeted various domestic and international markets including the rapid transit, diesel locomotives, power generation (including hydro and wind power) and the heavy industrial motor and generator industries.

Sotek/Belrix Industries has components in every large rapid transit system in the United States from New York to the Bay Area in California. Worldwide our components can be found in transit systems in Australia, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, and France.

You can also find our products in nearly every new locomotive produced domestically.