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Global Reach

dph_0057Sotek/Belrix Industries would not be where it is today without our loyal customer base of individuals and businesses from all over the globe.  Some of which have been with us from the beginning.

Whether we ship locally or nationally we strive to provide not only astounding products but excellent customer support as well. We send all our products through rigorous quality control tests passed and overseen by some of the best in the business before shipping to customers around the world from the United States to Australia, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, and France.

Worldwide our components can be found in transit systems and almost every new locomotive produced domestically. Within the United States, Sotek/Belrix Industries has components in every large Rapid Transit System from New York to the Bay area of California, and between the United States and Canada we supply components to most major power generation projects.

We are truly a global supplier and are positioned to move forward with Hydro Power, Wind Power, Nuclear Power or any other form of energy initiative as we head into the future.

We are ready!